Snow and Ice Management Package


Our Snow and Ice Management Bidding Package is designed to enhance profitability and success for both newcomers and veterans in the industry. It leverages over thirty years of experience to prevent under-bidding and over-bidding, common pitfalls that can lead to the end of your business.

What’s Included:

  1. Comprehensive Snow and Ice Management Manual
  2. Snow and Ice Templates with completely customizable forms for contracts, route sheets, hours of operation, who’s first?. marketing templates and more.
  3. Quick Estimator: Snow and Ice – Calculates per push, per event, seasonal contracts, hand-labor, material application rates, liquid application rates, proposal format and more.
  4. Know Why You Charge What You Charge Spreadsheet:  Calculate your cost per hour of operation, for ANY service that you offer in a quick and efficient manner!
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