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10 Things to Know as a Lawn and Landscape Business Owner

After running a lawn and landscape business for the past 43 years, we have seen just about everything you can imagine, heard all the crazy customer stories, and tried a million different techniques and strategies when it comes to trying to become more profitable and more successful. Along the way we have come up with […]

The Downside of Bi-Weekly Mowing in the Lawn and Landscape Industry

Welcome to a crucial discussion on the impact of bi-weekly mowing in the lawn and landscape industry. With a staggering 10% profit margin being the norm, it’s clear that many companies are walking a fine line between profit and loss. One of the biggest culprits causing this problematic situation is the practice of bi-weekly mowing. […]

Effective Advertising in the Lawn and Landscape Industry

The Power of Marketing and Advertising In the lawn and landscape industry, there is a large misconception that word of mouth is the only way to put on new customers. It is simply untrue that marketing and advertising is not appropriate for lawn and landscape businesses because it cost too much time or money. The […]

How to Attract and Keep Great Employees in the Lawn and Landscape Industry

The Importance of Great Employees There are few things harder in business, no matter which industry you are in, than finding and keeping great employees. All people want to talk about in the lawn and landscape industry is not being able to find anybody good. “Can’t find good help anymore.” You hear that and maybe […]

Establishing a Minimum Price in the Lawn and Landscape Industry

As the old saying goes “time is money”, therefore being more efficient with your time means having more of it to make more money. Importance of Establishing a Minimum Price Time Efficiency and Profitability There are simple ways to become more efficient with your time and today I want to discuss one of the easiest […]

Building a Successful Lawn and Landscape Business: Pride, Passion, Professionalism, Profit

If you’re reading this, you’re among the hundreds of thousands of lawn and landscape businesses in the United States and that’s only counting those who are registered as a business! I’m sure you have seen your fair share of them around town from the multi-million dollar franchises to the one truck operations and everything in […]

Why You Don’t Want to be “Fully Insured” in the Lawn and Landscape Industry

The “Fully Insured” Confusion One of the most common phrases in the lawn and landscape industry is “fully insured”. I see it on trucks every day. Companies are riding around town with a payday bullseye on their trucks without a clue. If you have a fully insured sign on your trucks or marketing material, you […]

Wrong Ways Lawn and Landscape Contractors Bid Jobs and How to Bid Correctly

The Importance of Accurate Job Bidding in the Lawn and Landscape Business Bidding jobs is the number one most important and critical part of ANY business. If you can’t do this correctly, it doesn’t matter how hard you work, how much you love it, or how much money you put in it, you will not […]

How to Increase Customer Retention in Your Business

Understanding Your Business Will Have Customer Loss Losing a customer is inevitable in business and if you haven’t lost one yet, you certainly will. And losing ONLY one would be a miracle (depending of course on the size of your lawn and landscape business). There’s various reasons why customers fire you. Sometimes it’s about the […]