We can customize presentation to fit your specific needs and time frame. Each topic below can be used as a stand alone presentation or combined with other topics based on your clientele’s needs.

A) 2022 & Beyond Where’s the industry been and where is it going? Perception Vs Reality. Read More 

A) Hindsight is 20/20.This presentation highlights the aspects of the business that are constantly evolving including, but not limited to – equipment, procedures, changing trends in services, marketing techniques, employee training – and how you are positioning yourself to be successful in the future. What changes need to be considered each year and are you willing to make them?

1 – 3 hours


B) Bidding – Know Why You Charge What You Charge! Have you ever wondered what it costs to do the job? Permanently eliminate the guess work! Read More

B) This presentation dives straight into the most important aspect of your company’s success – bidding a job for PROFIT! Have you ever wondered what it cost to do the job? How do you know you are making enough on each job to continue to stay in business and GROW from year to year? Stop guessing and ensure you know why you charge what you charge every time.

1 – 2 hours

C) Capturing the Commercial Market How to break into and survive in the commercial market when you’ve been predominately a residential service.Read More 

C) How do you break into the commercial market when you are a one truck operation and/or are used to mowing mainly residential properties? Does your equipment change? This presentation discusses how to break into the commercial market confidently using principles and techniques necessary for transitioning from mowing Ms. Smith’s front yard to maintain large corporation facilities to every job in-between.

1 hour

D) Communication & Documentation Tools Necessary tools to effectively communicate with and track your crews from route sheets to GPS systems.Read More 

D) What tools do you have in place to effectively route, track, and communicate with your crews and customers? This presentation covers everything from how to develop a route sheet, track completion of jobs, two way radio systems, accident reporting sheets, GPS systems on every truck, and much more!

1 hour

E) Contracts/Service Agreements Residential & Commercial, Why or why not? They are a must! Cash flow is king!Read More 

E) Handshakes are not enough! This presentation covers the importance of using contracts and service agreements for both you and your consumer, who needs services agreements and why, why it doesn’t mean you don’t trust your customers, how it helps manage cash flow (cash flow is KING!), how to remove the mindset of “I can’t do it” and “my customers are different”, and techniques to convert your clients to service agreements.

1 – 2 hours

F) Controlling Your Destiny Principles and techniques to structure your company to help you take back your free time and maintain control.Read More 

F) Who is running your company? You or your customers? During this presentation we will discuss principles and techniques to implement in order to maintain control of your company while regaining your free time.

1 hour

G) Delegation How to give people the responsibility, authority, and training for the company to succeed.Read More 

G) Easy to say, but hard to do. One of the biggest mistakes any company can make if you want your company to grow beyond a one truck operation, you must be willing and able to delegate effectively. How many hats can you fit on your head at one time?

1 hour

H) Welcome to the Real World Employees, crew leaders & managers. Never hire someone you cannot fire!Read More 

H) A company is only as good as its employees. This presentation will explain the policies and procedures that we have implemented after years of trial and error with not just hiring employees, but training employees and molding their attitudes and mindsets to develop into effective crew leaders and managers. Developing team members to be like you, the owner, while giving them the flexibility of being themselves doesn’t have to be a burden.

1 – 3 hours

I) Diversification Or Bust! Mowing alone won’t cut it. Let your clients buy from you – NOT your competitor!Read More 

I) Why can’t I just mow and be really great at it? This presentation confronts the reality that mowing is the least profitable item you can offer your customers, but it is a necessary pathway to selling your customers more profitable services. You don’t have to be a jack of all trades, but you certainly must offer more than mowing.

1 – 2 hours

J) Employees This is always exciting. Hiring the right person. Never hire someone you cannot fire.Read More 

J) This presentation covers principles and techniques to hire the right person the first time. Too many times, contractors look for someone just breathing. Learn why hiring slow and firing fast makes sense. Training, education and knowledge for everyone will help you maintain a more confident, professional and profitable team.

1 – 3 hours

K) Growing a Profitable Business starts with a solid foundation. This includes: Bidding, Contracts, Goals, Pride, Professionalism, Marketing, Advertising, & Selling.Read More 

K) This presentation includes the many aspects of operating and managing a successful and profitable business. Successful businesses must have a solid foundation to stand on. Topics include Bidding, Contracts, Goals, Pride, Professionalism, Marketing, Advertising and Professional Selling. This is an excellent presentation and works well for a business workshop.

3 – 3.5 Hours

 L) I did it, so can YOU! The mistakes & assumptions that I made in attempting to grow my business. Why I did it that way, and why I changed.  You can do anything you want if you put your mind and your heart in it!Read More

L) This presentation covers the mistakes and assumptions that I made in attempting to grow my business. Why I did it that way and why I changed. You can do anything you want to if you put your mind and most importantly, your heart into accomplishing your goals. I went from a failing business to being rated as a Top 10 business in August 2002 by Landscape Management magazine by changing just three things in my business.

1 Hour


M) Image and Professionalism What do your consumers see? What do you see? Are you sending the right message? What is the value of your image? It’s more than just clean trucks!Read More 

M) This presentation discusses why your company’s image is more than just showing up in a clean truck. Consumers are constantly evaluating your professionalism. Have you considered your image from their perspective? What do your clients see from how and where you advertise to your employees having a clean uniform to how your trucks drive, to the organization and cleanliness of your trailers and much more!

1 – 1.5 hours

N) Leads or just Names? Do you know what is causing your phone to ring? What advertising works best and why? Quality over quantity – why target marketing works!Read More 

N) Marketing & Advertising – Are you collecting leads or just names?This presentation includes successful principles & techniques that helped our lawn & landscaping business grow from nine accounts in 1979 to being rated as a Top 10 business in August of 2002 by Landscape Management magazine, why target marketing is beneficial, and how to get quality leads are critical to growing your business.

1 – 3 hours

O) Leaf Removal This service is profitable if you’re set up for success.Read More 

O) This presentation includes information on the benefits and techniques you need to understand and implement in order to make leaf removable a profitable add-on service for your business during the fall.

1 hour

P) Manage by Design Complete Business Management PackageRead More 

P) This is a comprehensive management presentation covering all topics of running a lawn and landscaping company including managing the 3 M’s, time management, company objectives, goals, employees, establish a winning attitude, decision making, delegation, cash flow vs. profit, smelling the roses, and more! To manage a business well is to manage the future. To manage the future you must manage people and information.

2 – 3.5 hours

Q) Creative Marketing Strategies and ideas that have worked and failed for us over the past 38 years. Let yourself step outside the “box”!Read More 

Q) This presentation details many strategies and techniques of marketing that allow your business to stand out from your competitor and how to utilize them to your advantage. We have tried many different things over the past 38 years and can help you step outside the “box” with your marketing strategies.

1 hour

R) Positioning Your Company for Success It is not just working hard! The School of Hard Knocks is a great teacher, but why go through it?!Read More 

R) A solid work ethic is important, but working hard may not be the only answer. This presentation covers the three steps to success. What needs to be in place to achieve & exceed your goals? A few topics include knowing why you charge what you charge, marketing the right message to the right client, and value selling verses cost selling.

1 – 3 Hours

S) Pride Are you just another “lawn guy” or a professional service. Are you proud of what you do or do you apologize for it?Read More  

S) Do you have pride in your profession and in your business or do you apologize for being the “lawn guy”. This presentation discusses why you must become and believe in yourself as a professional and your company as a professional service – pride makes a difference!

1 hour

T) Selling Value vs. Cost Are you selling or telling? Are you an order taker or a salesperson? What’s the most important aspect in selling?  It’s not service, price or relationship.  Let us help you take your sales team to the next level.Read More 

T) This presentation covers all aspects of value selling VS cost selling. What is the difference and why is that important to your company? The answer is not as simple as it seems.  A few items discussed are: What’s the most important aspect in SELLING? (It’s not cost or service) What are the two questions that must be answered in selling to be successful & profitable?  Principles and techniques are discussed that will take your business to the next level. Are you a salesperson or an order-taker?  What are the key ingredients to successful selling?  This is a very interactive presentation.

1 – 3.5 hours

U) Snow & Ice Management Don’t let your profits melt away.Read More 

U) This presentation includes all aspects of operating and managing a snow & ice management business. A few topics include calculating actual cost to do the job, choosing the right ice melter, who’s first & why, bidding & proposals, what needs to be in and out of your contract and why, documenting the storm, estimating time & material, choosing the right ice melter and much more. This is an excellent business workshop.

1.5 – 3.5 Hours

V) Telephone Techniques This is not a telemarketing presentation. It covers proper telephone procedures from beginning to end and why it is important to answer the phone with a smile.Read More 

V) This presentation covers proper telephone procedures from the moment you pick up the phone (why it is critical to have someone there to answer!), answering with a smile, and how to get the information you need to build a useable lead.

1 hour


W) Training The cost of training is cheaper than the cost of replacing. Properly trained employees are happier, more efficient, and thus, more profitable for the company.Read More 

W) This presentation covers not only the value of properly training your employees, but important training procedures to implement in your training system to ensure your employees have the education, skills, and capacity to efficiently complete their job.

1 hour