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Marketing, Advertising & Selling Package


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Our Marketing and Sales Package will help you with all aspects of marketing and advertising your business. If you are interested in growing your existing customer base, this set of manuals and the Letters for Success package will help you do just that. Both residential & commercial markets are explained in detail. Several techniques, principles, and samples are included in this package. These manuals walk you through the complete process from timing your advertising, establishing an advertising budget, types of advertising, advertising that does not work, effective advertising that’s affordable and much much more. When your phone rings, are you selling it or telling it? Learn principles and techniques that will increase your close rates.  Selling is not a forgotten art. In most situations, the proper principles and techniques have not been learned. The information shared in our Selling & Referrals manual will help you understand why people buy from whom they buy. It has very little to do with price. Do you make your clients feel like you have sold them something or do you make them feel that they have bought something that they wanted? This along with many other proven strategies and techniques are discussed in detail. This package will help you understand what types of advertising work, proper timing of your advertising to both the residential and commercial market, how to professionally use your telephone to your advantage, setting your appointment, and making the sale. This package includes our Marketing & Advertising manual, Telephone Techniques, Selling & Referrals, and our Letters for Success templates.