Dealer Reviews

Williams Farm & Garden

Gordy Barnes

Newborn, NC

What resonated with me the most about Wayne’s 2 hour presentation to over 40 lawn equipment dealers was what are we (the dealers) doing to help our customers (landscape contractors) grow their business other than product, parts, and service? The room was silent. His response was spot on, you need to help educate them in areas they are most lacking and from his experience the one key are was bidding & contracts. We hosted a very interactive and productive meeting in which we were not selling or marketing a product, but rather providing knowledge.

Our commercial client couldn’t thank us enough for hosting such a unique and beneficial opportunity to help their company grow and become more profitable

Elite Lawn Care

Fairfield, Ohio

This seminar was unbelievably great. I will tell EVERYONE about Wast Chester Lawn & Garden for hosting this seminar. I PROMISE I WILL INVEST MORE IN WEST CHESTER LAWN & GARDEN than the guys because you invested in me and my company. Thanks you so much!

Scott’s Power Equipment

St. Louis, MO

Julie Bode

Wayne and his crew are GREAT! Our customers beg us to bring him back year after year. He really wants them to have a prosperous business and that comes through in all the knowledge he shares with them. As a dealer, this also helps because our customers know we care. I can’t wait to see Wayne next year.

Scotty’s Lawn Equipment

Haubstadt, IN

Katie Knapp

We are an Outdoor Power Equipment Dealer that hosted this seminar for our commercial cutters with the goal of helping them understand how to get into the snow & ice management business as well as how to better their current tactics that they are utilizing. We offered this seminar to not only landscapers, but also arborist, fence companies and all other commercial contractors buying from us. Another goal of ours was to help these companies learn how to bring in profitable winter income. With the help of Wayne Volz, we feel this seminar was a huge success! We now have more companies that are buying our products and offering snow services because of this seminar. Wayne was a great asset to have at our dealership to talk to our customers. Not only does he have the correct information to pass along, but he has the firsthand experience. To our commercial customers that means a lot.

Bobcat of Bowling Green

Robert Reynolds


Thanks for were great! Our commercial customers really appreciatted the opportunity we offered them

This is not just another seminar, I GUARANTEE IT!