Throughout the years we’ve been welcomed by many businesses and groups to present at various events around the country. Below are a few of of the popular topics we discuss. For more information on our presentations and potential topics please reach out to our team and visit our longer list of topics linked below.

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1.Bidding & Contracts – Your Key to Success

This is always very well received and a huge favorite. This presentation covers a simple, accurate and professional methodology on how to calculate cost per hour of operation for your company, how to utilize that information to develop a successful bidding and proposal process and implementing an effective service agreement for both you and your client. This is an excellent business workshop.

1.5 – 3.5 Hours

2. Snow and Ice Management – Don’t Let Your Profits Melt Away

This presentation includes all aspects of operating and managing a snow & ice management business. A few topics include calculating actual cost to do the job, choosing the right ice melter, who’s first & why, bidding & proposals, what needs to be in and out of your contract and why, documenting the storm, estimating time & material, choosing the right ice melter and much more. This is an excellent business workshop.

1.5 – 3.5 Hour

3. Sell it! Don’t Tell it!

Principles and techniques are discussed that will take your business to the next level. This presentation covers all aspects of value selling vs cost selling. What is the difference and why is that important to your company? The answer is not as simple as it seems.  A few items discussed are: What’s the most important aspect in SELLING? (It’s not cost or service) What are the two questions that must be answered in selling to be successful & profitable?  Are you a salesperson or an order-taker?  What are the key ingredients to successful selling?  This is a very interactive presentation.

1 – 3 Hours

4. Positioning Your Company for Success

This presentation covers the three steps to success. A solid work ethic is important, but working hard may not be the only answer. What needs to be in place to achieve & exceed your goals? A few topics include knowing why you charge what you charge, marketing the right message to the right client, and value selling verses cost selling.

1 – 3 Hours

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