Wayne, how much does your consulting and coaching cost?

Let me ask you a question – What is it costing you by not utilizing our experience and knowledge?  Our fees are a small investment in the future success and profitability of your company.  Your current investment in our service will assist you in becoming more PROFITABLE and place you way ahead of your competition.  Year after year, you will continue to receive the benefits of our service.  Satisfaction GUARANTEED!  How you might ask?  If you don’t think it is worth more than what we charge it is FREE!

Our service is offered any way you need it! We can meet you on-site at your location, set up a series of phone sessions, e-mail, live chats (such as Skype, Facetime, etc), or any combination of the above to fit your needs!

Consulting & Coaching Plans

We offer different plans to best meet your needs. Below is an example of just a few, however, we can create a completely customizable plan for your business and goals.  Choose the option that fits your individual needs best.

Retainer Based Service

You purchase a set number of hours that can be expanded and then use them throughout the year as necessary. You simply make a small deposit and then make a monthly payment over the course of the consulting.  This helps us fit easily into your budget.

On-Site At Your Location

We offer both half-day and full day rates where we will come to your location to work one-on-one with you and your company to dig deep into your business’ needs and goals.

On-Site At Our Location

We offer both half-day and full day rates where you come to our location to work one-on-one with us if you need a day away.

Complete the form below to give us an idea of your specific needs and you will be contacted to determine what plan would best suit your goals!

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