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Library of Knowledge – Your Blueprint to Success

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Our complete package includes all of our printed manuals as well as our complete collection of Templates and Spreadsheets. This package extensively covers all aspects of operating your business more professionally, accurately and profitably. We guarantee it. With over three decades of industry experience, knowledge and expertise, this package is sure to improve your opportunities for greater success and profitability. This package is a real value. Several of the many advantages of this complete package is that our knowledge base offers you the opportunity to quickly and accurately understand your company’s cost per hour of operation as well as use many of the same service agreements, contracts, business forms, business letters, and advertising information that is time tested and proven to work. They have taken our business from nine accounts in 1979 to rated as a Top Ten Lawn Service in August of 2002 by Landscape Management Magazine. You can open these documents and make any necessary changes directly on the template to fit your company’s specific needs and print them immediately for your own use. This package will save you countless hours of typing and designing your own letters, business forms, contracts, proposal formats, etc. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge today. The manuals are also included in this package. Remember, if you don’t change anything today, what will be any different tomorrow?