Our commercial client couldn’t thank us enough for hosting such a unique and beneficial opportunity to help their company grow and become more profitable

What resonated with me the most about Wayne’s 2 hour presentation to over 40 lawn equipment dealers was what are we (the dealers) doing to help our customers (landscape contractors) grow their business other than product, parts, and service? The room was silent. His response was spot on, you need to help educate them in […]

Debra Holds – Education/Certification Director

Wayne, Wanted to share this with you… Congratulations on another fine tradeshow! I just wanted to tell you that I have been attending these things for years and have often enjoyed the seminars, but some years there have been some dogs. However, I was very impressed with the Wayne Volz presentation. He was a very […]

Eylon Landscape Management, LLC

Dear Wayne, Thank you so much for an incredibly informative, compact and entertaining seminar on “Knowing why You Charge What You Charge”. We came to the seminar hoping to get one or two bits of information that could help our business. What we left with was and entire tool box full of tips, experiences and […]

Idaho Nursery & Landscape Association

Dear Wayne, Thank you for the information you provided our members at the Idaho Horticulture Seminar. We have received numerous comments about the value of the presentations. Many of the attendees addressed specific comments to the merits of your information on the cost recovery process and the customer service ideas provided. Sometimes the greatest value […]

Wellington Implement

Dear Wayne: I wanted to thank you for putting on such a GREAT seminar at our dealership. We have historically been an agriculture equipment dealer in a rural area. Over the past ten years, urban sprawl has reached our area and we are slowly earning new customers who use our equipment in their businesses. Your […]