Wellington Implement

Dear Wayne:

I wanted to thank you for putting on such a GREAT seminar at our dealership. We have historically been an agriculture equipment dealer in a rural area. Over the past ten years, urban sprawl has reached our area and we are slowly earning new customers who use our equipment in their businesses. Your mailers promoting your seminar worked great as over half of the attendees had never been through our doors.

After the seminar, we received extremely positive feedback from both new faces and existing customers. I spoke to one attendee a few weeks after the seminar. He had purchased your book on calculating operating costs. He felt it was money well spent and he now had a true handle on what it costs him to do business. He is ready for better profits this year!

Probably the most unexpected response from attendees was the appreciation for our hosting of a seminar that benefited them rather than just trying to sell them equipment.
I think the equipment sells will come. Your seminar gave us an in-road to a lot of potential customers that we would have not had access to otherwise.


Tom Stannard