Articles and Podcasts Featuring or Written by Profit Unlimited’s Wayne Volz

Short on Salt, Think Liquid!

Written by Wayne Volz, this article discusses the argument for liquid deicers in an environment of salt shortages and rising prices.

Fall Profit Boosters

Another article by Wayne Volz. This piece, featured in Turf Magazine, discusses strategies & services to finish the year as a winner.

Boost Client Retention

In this article, Wayne takes a look at several off-season strategies to keep customers loyal to your business.

Eight Wrong Ways to Bid a Job

We often discuss the correct way to bid on a job but this time Wayne breaks down eight of the biggest mistakes lawn care and landscape professionals make and ways to improve on each.

Riding Out the Customer Carousel

Learn how to manage extreme customers driven by extreme weather conditions with this article featured on Green Industry Pros.

Pricing for Profit in Lawn Maintenance

A topic we discuss often here at Profits Unlimited, this article takes a look at 8 common but flawed pricing methods and how you can fix them to start making a profit!

Why a Professional Proposal Matters

Does your proposal distinguish you from your competition? An often overlooked piece of the client relationship puzzle, learn more about how and why a professional proposal can make a difference in your client relationships.

Lawncare pro: Wayne Volz

This interview, conducted by the Landscape Management team, asks Wayne several questions about lessons learned during his career and while managing his two companies, Wayne’s Lawn Service and Profits Unlimited.

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