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10 Things to Know as a Lawn and Landscape Business Owner

After running a lawn and landscape business for the past 43 years, we have seen just about everything you can imagine, heard all the crazy customer stories, and tried a million different techniques and strategies when it comes to trying to become more profitable and more successful. Along the way we have come up with […]

Effective Advertising in the Lawn and Landscape Industry

The Power of Marketing and Advertising In the lawn and landscape industry, there is a large misconception that word of mouth is the only way to put on new customers. It is simply untrue that marketing and advertising is not appropriate for lawn and landscape businesses because it cost too much time or money. The […]

How to Increase Customer Retention in Your Business

Understanding Your Business Will Have Customer Loss Losing a customer is inevitable in business and if you haven’t lost one yet, you certainly will. And losing ONLY one would be a miracle (depending of course on the size of your lawn and landscape business). There’s various reasons why customers fire you. Sometimes it’s about the […]