I started my lawn and landscape business in 1979. At that time, I had very limited knowledge of how to calculate a fair and profitable price for my services. Pricing at what I thought the market would bear, asking the client what they had been paying, and matching competitors pricing were not only poor methods to operate my business, but a sure bet to overlook any potential PROFIT that may exist. In fact, that method of pricing my jobs put me $89,000 in debt as a two-truck operation and thinking I needed more work. Seeking answers to this dilemma proved to be an exercise in futility. Seemingly successful operators were either reluctant or unwilling to share information on bidding, cost calculation and contracts. Too many times, the contractors that you may be seeking advice from have no idea themselves “WHY THEY CHARGE WHAT THEY CHARGE”! Thus the cycle of failure continues year after year. How long do you want to put yourself through little or no profit, not being able to pay yourself regularly, starving in the winter and slow times of the year, and suppliers calling you all the time for payment? The frustrations that I experienced personally provided the impetus and passion to make available a professional bidding system that would provide the guidelines and proven methods to run a successful and profitable business regardless of its size. Whether you are a single person operation or a multi-crew company, we can help you earn what you deserve. Remember, we are “lawn guys” just like you. We know what you go through on a daily basis. Let us put our 38 years of experience and industry knowledge to work for you.


  • Putting “pro” in profit since 1990
  • Ranked nationally Landscape Magazine
  • Ranked a Top 100 Snow & Ice Management Company in North America by the Accredited Snow Contractors Association

The Profits Team



Corky Volz
VP/Operations Manager

Corky joined Wayne’s Lawn Service in 1987. At that time he ran a mowing crew and worked into his current position as our company diversified. He understands the difficulties facing a commercial contractor every day as it relates to bidding, selling, and crew management. Corky’s years of experience and knowledge are not easily matched by anyone in this industry. Do things different and better than your competitor. There is no need to attend the school of hard knocks any longer. The knowledge, experience and information contained in all of our products will save you years of trial and error experiences and possibly the loss of thousands of dollars. A contractor shared this with me at a seminar in Kokomo, Indiana. I believe it is a very important message. “You have to learn from the mistakes of others because you never live long enough to make them all yourself”


Wayne Volz

I started my lawn and landscaping business in the summer of 1979 with a push mower, an electric weed eater, a 1975 Caprice (supplied by my mom & dad) and an attitude for success. I thought I knew everything there was to know about mowing lawns and landscaping. After graduating from college in 1983, I secured a “real” job until June of 1987. In June of 1987, I resigned from that position and committed fulltime to my lawn and landscaping business. After years of trial and error bidding, and the loss of thousands of dollars, I developed a bidding process that is simple, accurate, and professional. I knew that there were many contractors that would benefit from this same information. Too many times, we don’t know what we don’t know and working hard is not the only answer. Thus, Profits Unlimited began in 1990 to assist lawn and landscape professionals with bidding, contracts, marketing and professional selling skills. Take advantage of our 38 years of experience and knowledge.



Kyle Volz
VP Marketing & Operations Manager

Kyle joined our team fulltime in 2003. However, he has been around our lawn and landscaping business his entire life. His passion and dedication to customer satisfaction, client loyalty, and company success & profitability are second to none. Kyle has a great perspective for how a contractor under the age of 40 years old views their business as both an operator and as an Owner. Kyle’s background includes all aspects of operating a full-service company. A few of his specialty areas include bidding & selling landscape and hardscape jobs, scheduling, crew management, customer relations, and marketing. Kyle can explain in detail how our products and services will have a positive impact on your bottom line. He is also directly involved with the development and updates for of all of our manuals and CDs.

Let us put our combined 82 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE to work for you. We do what you do on a daily basis. We are “lawn guys” just like you!