Why You Don’t Want to be “Fully Insured”

One of the most common phrases in the lawn and landscape industry is “fully insured”. I see it on trucks every day. Companies are riding around town with a payday bullseye on their trucks without a clue. If you have a fully insured sign on your trucks or marketing material, you may want to reconsider it. You probably put this message out there so people perceive you as a more professional service, and that’s not wrong. However, there are better ways to come across as professional that do not put you at risk of being a target.

The truth is, you are never really “fully insured” no matter how much protection you have. There is always an instance that will be more expensive than your coverage. Therefore, saying you are fully insured simply doesn’t make sense. The professional message you are trying to get across is okay, but there are better ways to do it. Instead of posting up that you are fully insured, why not just put insured. It is a more accurate statement and it doesn’t make you look like a payday for someone who is looking to make a quick buck off insurance.

In the full podcast on YouTube, I tell a great story about what my lawyer told me about being fully insured. Check out the video for more information on how you could be saving money on the way your insurance agent has your company classified. For great information to help your business check out our YouTube channel: Profits Unlimited.