Simple and Affordable Marketing and Advertising Options

In the lawn and landscape industry, there is a large misconception that word of mouth is the only way to put on new customers. It is simply untrue that marketing and advertising is not appropriate for lawn and landscape businesses because it cost too much time or money. The investment of marketing and advertising is more than just a means for large businesses, it can be utilized for your business regardless of the size or industry. Let’s discuss a few strategies that can be both effective and affordable.

One of the most popular methods of marketing and advertising recently is using social media. Social media can be used in several ways including free and paid methods. Free marketing and advertising on social media comes in many forms including creating posts for your page and creating a YouTube channel and releasing videos. There are so many platforms that you can utilize to reach an audience that is important to your business. The paid options include boosting posts you have created on your page for free, creating ads that can target a highly specific population and area, and paying for your posts to be promoted on other accounts. These free and paid methods are some of the easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective ways to market and advertise.

Advertising doesn’t have to be done online, there are many options that utilize something physical such as door hangers, flyers, and mailers to current customers. The benefit of these is that you have the power to know exactly what houses these pieces are going to and you can target a specific area very hard. A physical piece, like a digital ad, must be something worth seeing and reading. There is so much junk mail that your piece has to stand out and call the person’s attention. It is not enough to just send anything, your piece will do better if it looks highly professional (done on high-quality paper, in color, and pictures are all helpful), has an offer on it, and don’t forget to add your contact info!

The options you can use for marketing and advertising are only limited by your creativity, so think about what you want to do to stand out among the clutter. One important tip to remember is that your ad is selling you, your company, and your services and when it comes to sales, consistency wins. This means if you want to be successful, keep sending it to your desired clients. Don’t send out one piece and expect massive results, send multiple pieces outspread out over a certain time frame and let the potential customer see your name over and over again. This method is will land you your desired clients at a higher rate than having one massive campaign that reaches a person only once. And last but not least, keep in mind that any type of strategy you choose will have a seemingly low rate of return but that is normal. We find that 1 half of 1 percent is the standard return on our advertising over the years and we have used methods from creating pieces ourselves to having pieces done by a professional firm.

No matter your company size and budget, you CAN afford to spend money on marketing and advertising and it WILL benefit your business, so stop making excuses and start allocating those dollars and seeing those results, and remember Profit is Not a Dirty Word!